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The amazing house is incomparable to get your puppy as soon as possible. The past records of Oberd Pomeranian produce good trade records resulting from their review page and other personal info backgrounds. Despite all the majors taken due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, our purpose, vision, and experiences are still very high giving us prior advantages above all as a qualified and professional breeder.


Shipping Puppies is a service we are always ready and happy to offer to you. We have shipped safely to many cities in the US and also international .


We offer the best health guarantee for all our dogs. Our dogs are 100% healthy before living our location to your home. This isn’t just a statement but it is a fact we can stake our reputation on.

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-3 Years Health Guarantee -Health Records -Pedegree -3 Registrations -Collar,Leash,Blanket,Chew toys -Shampoo,Food samples,Care Guide and more.

We focus on raising healthy quality puppies and have an overwhelmingly positive reputation – always backing our puppies 100%. We’re the type of people that often go the extra mile – we answer those late-night phone calls where you think your puppy might have accidentally swallowed something or gotten into trouble, we have families that have our puppies that regularly stop by just to say hi, and we have even sold puppies to those in the Veterinary field – From Receptions to Vet Techs, to even Veterinarians.